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Raising Women's Voices for the Health Care We Need focuses on four issues that are fundamental to ensuring women and families are able to get affordable coverage for health care that meets our needs. We work directly with communities that are often left out of policy decision-making and on services that have historically been marginalized in health care.

To ensure that we're building a health care system that doesn't replicate those imbalances and injustices, we put the concerns of low-income women, women of color, immigrant women and LGBT people at the center of our work, and we press for the inclusion of full reproductive health services in all health care and health insurance coverage.

  1. We advocate for development of health insurance marketplaces that engage women as stakeholders and offer plans that cover comprehensive care, including reproductive health care, and actively work to reduce health disparities.
  2. We influence outreach and enrollment campaigns for health insurance marketplaces so that they reach diverse women and families in culturally and linguistically-competent ways, are user-friendly and help women find affordable health policies that meet their health needs.
  3. We advocate for states to accept federal funds to pay for expanded eligibility for Medicaid so that the program can meet the health care needs of low-income women and families.
  4. We build understanding among health advocates about disparities in health care that affect women, immigrants, communities of color, LGBT people and people with disabilities, and advance policies that promote health equity.