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My health is more important than your scare tactics!

With nearly 5 days left until state marketplaces open for enrollment, opponents to the new health care law are trying to convince young adults not to enroll in these new affordable health plan options. One organization just released an incredibly inappropriate ad that disparages young women and survivors of sexual abuse and assault.

Set to ominous music, the video features a young woman who is preparing to receive a gynecological exam. Her doctor unexpectedly walks out of the room, and a masked “Uncle Sam” pops up between her legs with a speculum. The woman screams and visibly tries to get away.

This ad comes from the Koch Foundation-funded organization, Generation Opportunity, and its “Opt Out” campaign. With a $750,000 budget, the campaign targets college-age students and urges them to “opt out” of the affordable health plans offered through state marketplaces, and instead purchase plans that do not provide the comprehensive coverage we need to stay and get healthy.

To launch this campaign, they released a video that targets young women and makes allusions to rape. This is not acceptable.

This campaign fails to realize that young women are smarter than these scare tactics. We know that Obamacare has allowed millions of us to get key preventive care with no copays, including birth control and counseling for interpersonal violence. It has allowed us to stay on our family health plans until we turn 26, and starting in 2014, insurance companies will not be allowed to charge women more than men for the same health care plans.

This campaign is set to target 20 college campuses in states that have some of the highest uninsurance rates. Help fight back against these ads by learning how the health care law is helping you and your family. Share the above infographic with your Facebook friends and tell opponents of Obamacare that our health is more important than their scare tactics!