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Let’s declare our freedom from Trumpcare!

This Fourth of July, we celebrate the freedom to live healthy lives

Last week, Senate Republicans were forced to pull their version of Trumpcare after the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) announced it would cause 22 million people to lose their health insurance over the next 10 years, and it became clear that they didn’t have the votes yet. But they didn’t stop scheming. And even as national headlines once again turned away from health care to focus on the latest distraction from Donald Trump, it’s clear that this bill is far from dead.

Details have begun leaking out about the kinds of side deals that we knew were coming. For example, Republican leadership announced plans to include $45 billion in funding for the opioid crisis in order to woo Senators Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) and Rob Portman (R-OH). Without integrated care through Medicaid, that money is like “spitting in the ocean,” in the words of Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich. People with substance use disorders often have other underlying medical issues that either led to or resulted from their addiction, such as mental health needs, chronic pain, dental problems, HIV, and more. Under the bill’s deep coverage losses, “the best we can hope for,” according to expert Andrew Kessler, “is for millions of consumers with co-occurring disorders to keep coming back through a revolving door.”

But will opioid funding be the fig leaf that Senators Capito, Portman, and others use to justify a yes vote? What about kickbacks for Alaska and North Dakota? That will depend on us.

So what can we do to fight back? With members of Congress back home in their districts and states to participate in Fourth of July parades and civic events, this week is the perfect time to remind them that we won’t stand by while they take away our care!

Your senators may or may not have a town hall scheduled for this week (you can find out HERE), but they aren’t going to miss the parades and barbecues! Hold up a sign or a banner highlighting the freedoms we have gained through the Affordable Care Act—and what we stand to lose if Trumpcare passes.

You can also share our “Four Freedoms Badges” on social media this July 4. Click HERE for all five!

Other suggestions from our allies at and Community Catalyst include: "Health care is our right," "Health care for all is patriotic," "Taking away our health care is unpatriotic," "Medicaid Means Independence," or "No cuts, no caps." As MoveOn notes, these signs will get captured in local news coverage, and you can share photos of them on social media with the hashtag #ProtectOurCare and #ProtectMedicaid.

Look up your senators’ in-state offices and schedule a visit, or simply drop by and ask to speak to someone. Share your story. If you can’t make it to their office, go up to your senators and House representatives at civic events and community barbecues. Let them know what the ACA and Medicaid mean to you. Make clear that this bill is unfixable and that you expect them to find bipartisan solutions for health care.

You can find health care events happening near you here, as well as other local resistance actions here. Connect with a local Indivisible group or join a MoveOn community cookout. This is a great way to meet fellow neighbors and activists, celebrate our hard work and strategize for the weeks ahead.

And finally, urge your friends and family across America to call their senators. They can use 866-426-2631(English) or 877-736-7831 (Spanish) to be directed to their senators.

If you’re planning on spending Fourth of July with family and friends, check out our new fact sheet with talking points to help you discuss Trumpcare, including the bill’s:

  • impact on the projected 22 million people who would lose coverage under this bill,
  • deep cuts to Medicaid and what that would mean for both poor and middle class families,
  • elimination of protections for people with pre-existing conditions,  
  • attack on Planned Parenthood, and even on abortion coverage in private insurance,
  • sharp increases in out-of-pocket expenses for most Americans, and
  • cruel penalties for anyone who loses coverage through no fault of her own.

And find out how many people in your state would lose coverage under the Senate Trumpcare bill.

But don’t forget to talk to your friends and family about the core of this bill, which goes far beyond “repealing Obamacare” and cuts deeply into long-standing health care: This bill is just tax cuts for the wealthy and health cuts for the poor and middle class. There are bipartisan solutions to lower costs and improve coverage, but this bill will take us backward. So, keep up the calls to senators, stay safe and have a blast this Fourth of July!

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