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A victory for women, LGBTQ people and our families!

Today, we are breathing a sigh of relief that the Senate GOP’s madcap drive to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been stopped in a middle-of-the-night vote, and by the slimmest of margins. For now, we have beaten back the threat that millions of us would lose our health insurance coverage and our access to Planned Parenthood.  We celebrate a real victory for women, LGBTQ people and our families!

The Senate heroines of last night’s victory are two women who stood up to bullying by the administration and their Republican colleagues – Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.  Yes, they were joined by Senator John McCain, who cast the crucial third vote against the “skinny, freedom” repeal bill, but it was Collins and Murkowski who steadfastly opposed all of the Senate Trumpcare bills. They deserve our heartfelt thanks!

The biggest thanks, however, must go to all of you who sacrificed so much to bring about this victory! It was the national mobilization of women, LGBTQ people and our families that held off round after round of Trumpcare efforts.

How did you make this victory possible?

You marched for women’s health in protests all across the nation back in January. You participated in the Save Our Care Bus tour and organized or joined countless rallies, vigils and protests. You showed up whenever your voice was needed! 

You helped explain what’s at stake for women, through social media postings, dissemination of fact sheets, presentations at community forums, letters to the editor, media interviews and sit-downs with your friends and family.

You gathered stories of what would happen if #ILoseCoverage and helped disseminate these stories through an incredible social media campaign.

You joined the #IAmMedicaid campaign and shared the stories of what Medicaid means to women, LGBTQ people and our families. While the threat of Medicaid cuts will continue as Congress turns to the budget and tax cuts this fall, we have started to change negative public perceptions about Medicaid by emphasizing its importance to women across our lifespans – from reproductive health care to nursing home care.

You helped us explain in user-friendly language each “policy-wonky” twist and turn of the Trumpcare legislative saga. You helped women, LGBTQ people and our families see through the deceptive language being used to promote policies that would have devastated our families.  And, we must give a special shout-out here to our amazing graphic artist, Brucie Rosch!


What’s next? Accountability and vigilance!

So, today, you should savor the victory! But, our work will continue.

The national day of action – Our Lives on the Line – will go on as planned tomorrow in Washington, D.C., and at more than 150 events across the country.  Why? The early-morning defeat of the “freedom to lose your health care” bill in the Senate is unlikely to be the end of the drive by the Trump administration and its allies in Congress to destroy the Affordable Care Act, slash Medicaid, defund Planned Parenthood and ban abortion coverage.

We will need to hold accountable those members of Congress who voted for various versions of the Trumpcare bill. There will be plenty of opportunities to do this during the August Congressional recess.

And, we must remain vigilant! When Congress returns to work in September, there will be more challenges to Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program and other vital health care programs as budget season heats up.

So, we thank you for all you have done, and urge you to stay connected for the work ahead!



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