Need new health insurance NOW?

If you experience certain life changes, you don’t have to wait for Open Enrollment in November to enroll in affordable health coverage on or your state’s marketplace. You have 60 days after the following events to apply for a Special Enrollment Period and enroll:

• Moving to a new zip code or county
• Getting married or divorced
• Having a baby, adopting or becoming a foster parent
• Becoming a U.S. citizen or getting a green card

You have 60 days before or after the following to enroll: 

• Losing your health insurance from your job
• Turning 26 and aging off your parent’s health plan

And if you are experiencing domestic violence and want to apply for your own health plan, you can do so at any time.

Learn more about Special Enrollment Periods at or call 1-800-318-2596.


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Conservative states pushing for change

Montana optimistic for permanent Medicaid Expansion

In 2015, Montana Women Vote, our Montana-based regional coordinator, led the effort to pass Medicaid expansion in the Montana Legislature. Since then, nearly 100,000 Montanans have gained healthcare coverage, almost 1 in 10 Montanans. Medicaid expansion has reduced Montana’s uninsured rate from 20% to 7% and has resulted in state savings to Montana’s general fund. Forty eight percent of Medicaid expansion enrollees reside outside of Montana’s seven largest urban areas, and the program covers nearly 16,000 American Indians, roughly 20% of the American Indian population in Montana. Medicaid expansion has been a lifeline for access to healthcare in rural Montana and Indian Country. Unfortunately, without legislative action, the program will expire in July 2019.

Montana Women Vote is organizing to reauthorize Montana's Medicaid expansion program in the 2019 Legislative Session. During a press conference in the Montana State Capitol, Rep. Mary Caferro announced House Bill 425 (left in photo), which would lift the MedEx sunset, and make the program permanent, without restrictive barriers. Some legislators are calling for changes to the program that would kick up to 43,000 Montanans off their health insurance, according to a recent study by the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health. Proposed work and reporting requirements will increase costs in Montana, create new bureaucracy, and cost people their insurance. Montana Women Vote will continue organizing and putting pressure on lawmakers to protect this vital program without burdensome requirements designed to take coverage away from those who need it most.

Advocacy day in Mississippi, making women a priority

The 2019 Mississippi legislative session has started and the Mississippi Black Women's Roundtable (MS BWR), our Jackson-based regional coordinator, has been walking through the hallways, offices, and chambers of the State Capitol to advocate for women's rights and centering women's economic security. More than ever, their network has stood with them as they work to protect women's wages through Equal Pay legislation, provide safer workplace environments for pregnant women, expand access to healthcare and reproductive health care for women, increase women's wages including tipped workers, expand protections for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, protect child care for low-income working women, and protect safety net programs for women and their families including child care. 
Through their advocacy, MS BWR was able to give voice to the important economic security issues women face every single day and build a broad based bipartisan coalition.  They partnered with Planned Parenthood for successful Women in the Halls Advocacy Days and hosted their annual Equal Pay Advocacy Day. MS BWR understands that until women fill the halls of the state capitol there is no accountability to prioritize women and our families in the policy making process. During their Equal Pay Advocacy Day, the special guest, Equal Pay Advocate Amanda McMillian, shared her empowering story of triumphing against wage discrimination.

“Although we didn't get some key bills passed this year, we are empowered through continuing to push for important legislation around the issues that are important to women and their families, said Cassandra Welchlin, co-convener of MS BWR (center in photo).  MS BWR will continue to lift up the stories of the stories and issues of Mississippi women, particularly women of color and their families who are most affected by these issues.

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